Pure Pulse Chrome
Pure Pulse Chrome
Pure Pulse Chrome
Pure Pulse Chrome

Pure Pulse Chrome

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The unique design of Pure Pulse Eco Shower cuts water waste by effectively 'pulsing' the water out of the showerhead up to 40 times per second - the result is up to 60% less water being used, without a drop in pressure 

You only need to unscrew your existing shower head, replace with Pure Pulse and you will achieve significant water and energy savings

Pure Pulse can be used on all systems including most electric shower units.  Only systems with low pressure are unlikely to reach the required level of 0.5 bar

*Electric showers*

Most electric showers already have an eco-friendly low flow rate; therefore, you may not save significant amounts of water, but you will have our lifetime guarantee against limescale clogging.

If in any doubt about suitability, then please contact your electric shower manufacturer.

  • Lifetime guarantee against limescale clogging
  • 1/2" outer thread and suitable for all hoses and cradles
  • Variable spray settings
  • Unique hygiene control properties (Scientifically proven from the Questor Research Centre)
  • Significant savings on water and energy.