It's good for the planet
(and your wallet)

Save water and energy :  Pulse Eco Shower delivers the temperature and power of a traditional shower, but uses up to 60% less water – saving you water, energy and money

Easy to use :  Suitable for all shower systems including most electric showers. (Only systems with very low pressure are unlikely to reach the required level of 0.5 bar.)

There's more...

Easy to fit : Simply unscrew your existing head and replace it with Pulse Eco Shower

Simple to clean and maintain: Pulse Eco Shower offers a lifetime guarantee against limescale clogging

Variable spray: Adjusting the face position changes the jet pattern of spray. You can choose anything from soft, large drops, strong jets or a rapidly pulsating massage jet.

the technical bit

By studying different types of rainfall, we realised that if we could deliver water in a way that made the most of its natural properties, we would dramatically improve the efficiency of existing shower heads. We achieved this by removing the traditional spray plate and inserting a turbine vane into the chamber.

Water travels along the shower handle at full pressure to a compartment in the shower head where it is deflected backwards into an expansion chamber. This action causes pressure to build and when it reaches a certain level, the water bounces back out of the chamber. 

Rather than creating an illusion of more water by filling the flow of water with air – as in aerated eco shower heads – Pulse Eco Showers simply maximise the propulsion and impact of fuller drops while consuming less water and energy.

What's more, the measures taken to achieve these effects have created extra benefits unique to Pulse Eco Shower. By removing the spray plate, our engineers have dramatically reduced the internal surface area where deposits and minerals can build up; guaranteeing a more hygienic shower and no lime scale clogging for life.

"I have tried a number of water efficient shower heads but this is the first to be completely acceptable to all my family!"

S. Kay

I don't often find products that are innovative but you have changed this for me! 

Arthur Clark